A Financially Rewarding Job and a Life of Purpose is Possible with Insular Life

Posted on July 17, 2012 in Insular Life News

Finding a job these days can be very challenging. Moreso, if you are looking for one that can offer not only stability of income and security of tenure, but also something that can drive you to your fullest potential. Individuals who search for the job that they can be passionate about view their profession not as work, but more of an income- generating interest or hobby.

27-year old Julius Nanlabes has found his income generating interest.   He has found it in Insular Life.  July shares the story of his journey in becoming part of the company.

Before setting foot on Insular Life, July already knew what his personal goals were. As any college graduate would aspire for, July wanted the good life.  “During my college years, one of my dreams was to become a company executive that is why I worked in the corporate world.”  However, his personal goals changed over time.  He realized that not only was there the good life.  There was a better life.

For him, it was a blessing indeed to find out about Insular Life. “I started as a Regional Sales Staff and was later on promoted to District Head for the Alabang sales region.  I handled this for more than 2 years before I decided to join the agency force.”  From his humble beginnings in Sales to becoming a District Head, July has shown his belief in his capability to deliver financial advice and in Insular Life’s commitment to providing financial security to the Filipino.  Over the years, he has imbibed the passion of service, enough to leave his salaried job and jump on the sales wagon as a Financial Adviser.  Today, he keeps his days busy actively seeking lives in need of financial protection.

If there was anything that drives July, he would like to debunk the notion that life insurance is only about financially benefiting from the death of the insured.  He cites, “As many of us realized and experienced, insurance policies come in different types.  More than protection from the risk of losing the income provider, life insurance products also cater to savings, retirement, education, hospitalization and investment among others. In essence, life insurance today should be viewed as a potent financial tool everyone should have.”

“My experience with Insular Life as an employee prepared and equipped me in the field of selling. Listening and absorbing all I can during sales clinics and district assemblies, together with the support and encouragement from my Insular Life superiors, employees and friends from the agency force were all instrumental in closing my subsequent sales.” July recounts.

From then on, July has fulfilled his dream of being financially independent like driving his own car and splurging in things he wants.  He shares, “This career also gave me independence—having the freedom to manage my own time and prioritize the things that matter to me.  I specifically enjoy my eight hours of sleep now.  I leisurely chew my breakfast in the morning and get to spend more quality time with my family.”

Now on his second year as an Insular Life financial adviser, he is eyeing the company’s national awards as his next target.  He is particularly interested in hitting the sales requirements of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the prestigious international association of life insurance professionals.

You too, can make your life better. Whatever your dreams may be for yourself, you can make it happen.  A beautiful life awaits members of the Insular Life salesforce.  Today, Insular Life is looking for more people like July.  People who would like to weave beautiful stories of success for themselves and their customers. People who have a burning desire to make a difference by helping others.

You can be part of the Insular Life Family.  Visit www.joininsular.com.ph, contact (02) 582-1818 local 5603 or like us in Facebook to get started now!

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